Making the most of your garden & plants by adding organic Fertiliser.

We at The Garden Team have used many different fertilisers over the years and have found this Natures Garden product second to none.

Natures Garden Fertiliser – made by Beyond Organics

A blend of Humic Acid, Reactive Phosphate Rock, Vermicast, Paramagnetic Rock Dust and Seaweed.
Analysis (%): N-1, P-5, K-3, Ca-20, Mg-3 plus Trace Minerals

This has been composted and inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.

Contains 70 essential plant minerals, vitamins and natural growth hormones.
Beneficial microbes include Azotobacter spp, Trichoderma spp, B.subtilis and Bio-Vam. These fix nitrogen from the atmosphere solubilise frozen reserves of phosphate, scavenge for Ca and water as well as being root growth stimulators.

Application Rates

1-2 handfuls per plant or per square metre every 2-6 months.
Note: when using with BioVam use ½ recommended fertiliser rates.

General Comments
Each 1kg of Natures Garden Fertiliser is equivalent to 4kg of compost
Natures Garden Fertiliser will help to improve soil structure.
Increases beneficial soil life activity.
Builds organic Carbon levels
Improves biological balance with all the associated benefits
Improves yield and crop quality.

The Garden Team might be working on your property carrying out any of the normal tasks we do like hedge trimming, rubbish removal, pruning, pre sale tidy, garden maintenance or whatever. We can add this great fertilizer to your garden and plants.