Hedge Trimming: Cutting & Shaping A Large, Tall Hedge In Remuera, The Eastern Bays, Auckland

The Garden Team spent the day trimming and shaping this big boy.
The hedge runs down one side and the entire rear length of this lovely Remuera property.
Much of the hedge reaches around 5 metres tall.

If you live in Remuera, Meadowbank, St Johns, Kohimarama, Orakei, Glendowie, Mission Bay, St Heliers or Epsom please contact The Garden Team to discuss your needs and obtaining a quote.hedge_trimming_remuera

Client Feedback: Regular Garden Care – Remuera

“A job well done. Please thank the team”
Joy T, Orakei Road, Remuera

The Garden Team visit Joy’s property in Orakei Road once every six weeks. This means the team can keep on top of the pruning, leave removal, shrub pruning, tree trimming, moss removal and any new planting required. Then all the green waste is loaded onto the trailer and removed to the tip.

This leaves Joy to enjoy her garden and it takes the pressure of having to do all the work herself.

We cover Remuera, St Johns, Meadowbank, Orakei, Glendowie, Mission Bay, Epsom and Parnell.

Client Feedback: Clearing A Garden, Garden Make-Over, Remuera

Digging out 1,000kg of Agapanthus from a Remuera front yard.

“Wow that is amazing – I can’t remember the last time I saw that fence! Thank you so much that is a huge job that has been haunting me.
A very impressed Elizabeth”

Kind words from Elizabeth F, Richard Farrell Rd, Remuera

Elizabeth used The Garden Team recently to build a small raised garden bed using railway sleepers.

To further enhance the property The Garden Team was asked to clear a large area of her front yard which was mostly over-grown with Agapanthus.

Two of the Team made it their mission for the morning which resulted in exactly 1,000kg being deposited to the tip.

Call The Garden Team the next time you have garden maintenance, garden make-over or garden clean-up work.

We cover Remuera, St Johns, Meadowbank, Orakei, Glendowie, Mission Bay, Epsom and Parnell.

Are Some Of Your Griselinia Hedge Plants Looking Like They Might Die?

Are Some Of Your Griselinias Dying Off?

The Garden Team come across this problem in many of our clients’ gardens almost on a weekly basis.

To the un-trained eye it can look like the plant hasn’t been watered enough and either some of the leaves are getting big, black spots or worse still the whole plant or even the whole row of plants die.

More often than not your plant has a disease.

The disease is likely to be Phytophthora. This is a soil borne pathogen that attacks the roots. Some plant species are more vulnerable to this difficult to control disease.

Options are to use a fungicide soil drench. We use a product called Phoscheck.

Alternatively, you can treat the soil with a beneficial microbe called Trichoderma. This can be purchased as Trichopel. Both Trichoderma and Phoscheck applications will need to be on-going. Digging out and disposing of the affected plants and all the surrounding soil is a better option, but obviously more expensive.

We at The Garden Team normally suggest trying to treat the soil and foliage over a few months. There is a good chance of recovering your soil and plants to a healthy state, but it’s not guaranteed.

We have commercial quantities of these products and can advise a recovery or replacement plan for you.